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I have worked with Mr. Honda and it was a total pleasure. He cares about his clients and really goes the extra mile to educate and explain the buying/sales process.
He is also very active in the community and I look forward to the possibility of working with him again in the future.

Carl C.

We are out of state owners who inherited a rental property. Suffice it to say that laws that govern landlord/tenant relationships are SO different in San Francisco than in many other parts of the country. We could not even fathom going thru this without having Darryl as our partner. He is thoughtful, knowledgable and friendly - not only to us as the landlord, but to our tenants who we really did care about. We are typically pretty private people, but in this case we are happy to provide this very positive reference. Please feel free to contact us on Facebook with any questions!

Cheri Tharp Smirnov

This guy kicks ass! Great working with him. We are on a hard time schedule to find a new office and he busted his butt to get stuff accomplished for us. Highly reccommended!

Clayton D.

We bought a house with Mr. Honda in 2014. He is the best real estate agent you can ever imagine and we recommend him without any hesitations, he is the best PERIOD!
He managed to help us actually buy a house well under it's market price (no, 2014 was not a buyers market)! This is because he really know his business and is the best at his job and has many connections. He has the gift of really understanding what you (as the buyer) want and need and he goes out of his way to help you accomplish it. He also has been a very honest person without imposing his beliefs on us, he saved us from buying the wrong house and was able to find our dream house. 
All of that is already more than enough to easily receive a 5 star rating, but it doesn't stop there. Since we had the house, Mr. Honda has continued to be extremely helpful and has done very many things for us (help us find the right folks for small jobs and even set us up for a major remodel) - not something your average realtor will do! We essentially got a front of the line pass for everything! And - at no extra cost (in fact a lot of the contractors etc. that he facilitated were cheaper than their competitors). All of this happened in a time where it's almost impossible to get any contractor to do work.
Mr. Honda is a serios pro and a very pleasant person!
Rare to find these days.


Marc S.

Hands down, best realtor in San Francisco. Helped my family with finding the perfect house to turn into our home in an extremely competitive market before our baby arrived! Highly recommended.

Rocio Russo Pearce